The Apple TV Is Here: Install Apps On TV And Much More

To beat the overall stagnation of televisions, Apple started the delivery of it’s New version or the fourth generation of Apple TV with tvOS (Television-Operating System) from today. It comes with a variety of features, with keeping in mind the future of Apps. Offering an innovative way to connect a person with his Apps through a television. 

Super Easy Setup

Apple's Debut tvOs

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If all of your Apple devices are updated to iOS 9.1 you are ready.

After connecting the set top box to the television, all you need to do is tap your iPhone or iPad to the unit and it will seamlessly populate your wireless settings, your Apple ID and iCloud information directly from your device.

Then it is just a matter entering your third-party account information for apps such as Netflix and Stan.

Future of Apps

With a vision to make a user feel his TV as personal as his iPhone or iPad, apple developers have offered the own individual choices for apps on big screens which are convenient in using and unique. 


Apple's Debut tvOs

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The user can enjoy, sports, music, popular movies on iTunes and much more. It will be more easier for a user to catch the entertainment on iTunes along with variety of streaming services like Quolla etc.

One can also customize their own TV experience. The impressive list of entertainment app list includes; YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, DailyMotion, YoungHollywood and many more.

Big Exciting Games

Apple's Debut tvOs

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The app store will also offer an amazing gaming experiences. Made specifically for the living rooms, allowing a user to do anything, right from booking tickets to enjoy with family playing games on TV.

wait there’s more..

Your TV remote control is your game controller, with a touch surface acting as a virtual directional pad. To keep your remote tethered while playing, there is also Remote Loop, sold separately. 

No More Pushing Buttons

Apple's Debut tvOs

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Touch innovated our cellphones, now it’s time for televisions to get redefined. Navigation will now be more easy, as you can simply swipe by letting your fingers play a major role.  

The glass touch surface on remote does exactly and immediately what it does to your screen, from a distant place.

With a quick bounce to switch the apps or customization of home screen also with a feature cinematic screen savers, the Television  falls in extra ordinary category.

“A television that will entertain more than TV programs.” 

Apple TV is on sale now and costs $269 for the 32 Gigabyte storage model and $349 for the 64 Gigabyte model.

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