Anu Malik Is Back With Garam Chai Ki Pyali Remake And Its Hilarious

Anu Malik’s famous song “Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali” from year 2000 was back with remake in 2015. This time the fusion was more dramatic and idea was to match the voice of Anu Malik with a rap.
Yes! with a dreadful rap made for chai lovers as the remake is an advert by Tata Tea Fusion. 

Anu Malik is in collaboration with AIB fame Abish Mathew and Aditi Mittal. This time Anu Malik is seen as a driver in video, driving furiously while two frustrated colleagues are complaining about their life hardships. In entire video Anu Malik is suggesting them for a “garam chai ki pyali” with a small section of slow rap in his own VOICE.

Comments from the viewers to his video are more amusing and entertaining than Anu Malik’s own voice. Sangharsh Bhondekar commented, “I was waiting throughout the song that Anu Malik will sing beyond that one line.” While, many called the original much-much better, another viewer Abhishek Jha said sarcastically that, Anu Malik lived up to his expectations, i.e. TOTAL SHIT. Most funniest comment was from Vedang Mirashi who said, “came after watching the advert just to dislike this horrendous shit.”

And this one comment was made by the maximum number of viewers, “Anu Malik, tumse na ho payega!”

Check out the video:

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Thanks for making this video. Atleast, we are not going to miss Comedy nights with kapil in near future. 🙂  🙂