An Odd New Year’s Treat For Delhi Citizens By Mr. Kejriwal

To curb the hazardous situation of pollution rise in Delhi, AAP Janta has strategized an odd-even rule, to be implemented from 1 Jan in capital city. According to this, vehicles with odd number will be allowed to move on road only on the odd number of days and vehicles with even numbers on the remaining days. The plan will last for next 15 days, i.e. from 1 Jan to 15 Jan.

The rule will be applicable from morning 8 a.m. to evening 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and anyone caught violating them will be penalized with Rs. 2,000.

The plan excludes, women driving alone or accompanied by children under the age of 12, electric cars and vans that run on compressed natural gas, will be allowed to drive without restriction and are cars driven by the physically disabled are also exempt.

The rules don’t apply to emergency vehicles, including ambulances, fire engines, hearses and prison vehicles are also not included.

Two-wheeled motors, basically motorcycles and scooters, are now confirmed to be a part of this exclusion.

New year Treat Kejriwal

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Delhi Cheif Minister, Mr. Kejriwal the person who outlines this idea has said that he will also comply to these rules and will carpool the vehicle to reach office.

But the idea seems to be impracticable and it might not go well with the lifestyle of Delhi citizens.

  • Public transportation is miserable in some parts of cities and with overly stuffed passengers, the drive will become even more worst with jolts.
  • Traffic police will add on more number of barriers on road to keep the track of number plates. This might slower down more traffic, resulting in traffic jams.
  • The plan is compatible for riches, owning more than one vehicle with different number. People with owning one car are surely going to face a lot of problem in reaching their work.
  • It has also been decided to add more than a thousand buses to the roads in the next three months, but what will happen before that.

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The resultant outcomes will be reviewed after 15 days of it’s implementation and if noticed that citizens are facing major problems, the plan will be retired. The odd-even driving plan might be enforced whenever Delhi’s air quality reaches hazardous levels in future, a policy already followed in Beijing.

It is definitely necessary to curtail the pollution level in city but without the collaboration of citizens, it might be difficult to achieve with poorly planned rules. Evaluation of Mr. Kejriwal’s rule with pros and cons can be contemplated only after it’s outcome in next 15 days.

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