This Ad Of Surf Excel From Pakistan Has Made Everyone Cry With It’s End

Surf Excel released an emotionally and beautifully written script for Pakistan, which got millions of views and has received a widespread popularity because of it’s cuteness. Toddlers in the street during the season of Ramadan are shown helping an old man innocently which can make anyone start believing in humanity.

Ad Surf Excel Pakistan

Still from the advertisement

With a message to love everyone and #MadadEkIbadat the ad ends up with a beautiful twist. MullenLowe Lintas Group has made this ad possible and the epic background music with devotional lyrics, has given more strength and vision to the viewers. Surf Excel has done a great job with their #DaagAcheHai campaigns which lures the viewers through their advertisements along with a social messages. This is a well thoughtful and a successful way to reach the mass audiences leaving a long lasting impact.

Watch Here!

“Kisi ki madad karna bhi ek ibadat hai,

Aur agar madad karne mein daagh lag jaye, toh daagh acche hain”

If we all thought like this everyday, we would be in God’s created world, the way he meant it to be.