8 Ways To Improve Your Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

In regular relationships, day start with a morning tea and ends with dinner date. Beside this, there exist the other type, in which day starts on phone call and ends with the same.

Long distance relationship or LDR are the ones in which couples are geographically isolated and physically apart from each other.

Apart from all the cons of being in LDR, there are certain perks too of being in one.

Here are some short tips to keep the spark alive in your LDR –

1. Virtual Dates

Due to distance, if you are not able to have fancy date nights then need not to worry because technology has made things easier. Go to a restaurant or cafe and order same thing. Meanwhile keep the video call on.

2. Surprise Each Other

Make a knock at your partner’s door when they are least expecting it. Your presence will mean more than the bouquets or the gifts you send by shopping online for her.

3. Quality Talk

Don’t count the number of hours you people are on phone. See the quality of the talk and amount of things you share with each other. Count the number of times you made each other laugh.

4. Trust and Staying Honest

Be transparent with each other. If you are having a plan for drinks with your friends, make sure your partner is aware of it. And also when he/she tells you then trust. Dont be the snappy one to restrict him/her going.

5. Enjoy Some Time Alone

Don’t make your world rotate around your partner. You have your own life . Spend time with your folks and pals and make time for your hobby.

6. Know Each Other Schedules

Know about their schedules and respect that. Adjust your time accordingly so that you both are free at same time and that way you don’t disturb then and spend more time with your significant other.

7. Gift Something Useful

Give them a ring, locket, watch etc. which make them feel you are with them and near them whenever they see it. Put lot of thoughts before giving them something.

8. Stay Positive And Set Your Goal

It might be difficult to be away from them for long time. But imagine the feeling when you see them after long and being in their arms again. Make yourself believe that you want this relationship more than anything in the world and let distance be just a number.

“If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart “