8 Extremely Hot And Beautiful Female Politician In The World

Politics for ages has been a male dominating platform but the modern world witnessed emergence of many female politicians who came out of stereotype tradition and proved out to be a better administrator.

Few female politicians are not only famous for their position but also for their beauty. They have won millions of heart turning politics into a hot topic.

We have complied a list of eight popular female politicians who are equally beautiful.

1. Alina Kabaeva, Russia

Hot And Beautiful Female Politician ALINA-KABAEVA

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This Russian beauty is a successful gymnast and has won Olympic Gold medals twice. After retirement, she became the Member of Public Chamber of Russia in 2005 and served for 7 years. She was Deputy of the State Duma, representing United Russia party and since 2008 she has also been the Chairman of National Media Group’s Public.


2. Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine

Hot And Beautiful Female Politician yulia tymoshenko

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Appointing a female politician is sparse for a country like Ukraine. Yet, Yulia succeeded and became the first woman to be chosen as Prime Minister of the country. She was a businesswoman before coming into politics. She has co-led the Orange Revolution, a series of protests after the much tainted 2004 Ukraine presidential election and served as a PM for 2 years.


3. Lucy Torres Gomez, Philippines

Hot And Beautiful Female Politician Lucy Torres

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In Philippines many people join politics from the entertainment industry as they get the funding to stage their owns political campaign. Lucy belong to the same clan. She is a former model, actress and a TV host. She is also the congresswoman of the fourth district, Leyte.

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4. Yuri Fujikawa, Japan

Hot And Beautiful Female Politician Yuri Fujikawa

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Many critics have referred her as “too beautiful to be a politician” as is she considered as the world’s most beautiful politician.
Yuri was a member of Japan’s Conservative Party and later caught in a scandal on camera, in which she was walking out of hotel with a married 38 years old member of democratic party, which spread like a fire.

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