7 Uncommon Gadgets For All Tech Lovers

Advancement in tech comes with various surprises. So, these few uncommon gadgets invention will make you feel smarter, better & you will also find it very interesting to see what all miracles science can do.


The Smartphone Charging Cable Penuncommon gadgets

It acts as a USB charger that can connect not just your smart phones but also your Ipads and tablets to your computer. It comes with a stylus that is compatible with all tablets and smartphones.

It can be used delicately in writing and also the ink can be refilled.

Comes with a lifetime guarantee by The Hammacher Schlemme without any additional charges.

Price : 1,901 (approx)
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Hitop Smart Mushroom Desk Lampuncommon gadgets

This interest in mushrooms now manifests in products such as nightlights and lamps, but now we’re going to look at one that will purify your air.
Yes! you thought mushroom is gross? But this mushroom lamp helps in purifying air.
It takes in dust, smoke & other pollutants helping in purifying your air along with it’s LED light.

The light is quite dim and will last for decent amount of time, maybe for 50K hours.

Price : 2,221 (approx)
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Wi-Fi Tshirtuncommon gadgets

This Tshirt is not just cool for its wifi animated print but it also catches wifi signals.
It displays the wifi strength as the Tshirt glows showing signal strength for 802.11b. This animated print is removable for easy washing.

Something great to flaunt and play in free wifi zones.

Price : 1,800 (approx)
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Dental Hygiene Coaching Toothbrushuncommon gadgets

It is completely unique automatic toothbrush.
Automatic toothbrushes are common but this tooth brush not just brushes your teeth but also tell you the more concentrated areas of your teeth which require more care.
It gives a feedback of your teeth to your smartphones via Bluetooth.

The toothbrush has an accelerometer, gyroscope, and a magnetometer that measure whether you are brushing at the correct angle, speed, and for the recommended duration and transmits this information to a free app via Bluetooth.

You can store your details of teeth in app and it is also compatible for kids to be used.
Easy way to monitor your child’s tooth problems.

Price : ₹12,694 (approx)
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The RC Rotating IPad Viewing Standuncommon gadgets

A must have gadget for Ipad owners. The main highlight of this gadget is that it can tilt in any direction controlled via remote. Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, the stand has an infrared remote that tilts a tablet up to 38° backwards, 5° forwards, or swivels it up to 270° to enable optimal positioning for watching videos, navigating the web, or video chatting.

Dual 2-watt speakers built into the base connect to a tablet via Bluetooth 4.0 and enhance the sound from a movie or music. Buttons on the base also allow you to tilt or swivel the unit and a USB port charges a device while it is in the stand.

Supports landscape or portrait positions. Compatible with all iPad Air and Mini models, third and fourth generation Ipads, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 4, and Pro, Galaxy Note. Includes 2032 button cell battery for the remote.

Price : ₹10,154 (approx)
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The Petcube Camerauncommon gadgets

It is for the pet owners, to watch, talk to and play with their pet from their smartphone, no matter where they are.

Camera streams 720p video over the Internet to the Petcube mobile app and features a built-in microphone and speaker so you can listen to and talk to your pet, and even a built-in laser pointer so you can play with it. It’s a fantastic idea in an attractive and sturdy metal box.

Price : 10,500 (approx)
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QuitBituncommon gadgets

A great gadget for smokers and gizmo lovers. Quitbit is a lighter that tracks all your smoking. It has a built in display and can wirelessly connect to the Quitbit app on your phone to provide feedback so you can make healthier decisions.

It automatically detects every time you have a cigarette.
Fully rechargeable and lasts 1 week on a single charge.

Price : 6,000 (approx)
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That’s not where the story ends. Lot more coming soon!