5 second role as a beggar in PK bought him Stardom

beggar in PK

Ever wondered about getting stardom being a beggar ?
Manoj Roy’s brief appearance as a beggar in PK prompted him to abandon his post outside Delhi’s Jantar Mantar and return home to Tezpur in Assam where he now has a job in a shop.

beggar in PK

In the scene from the movie, Aamir’s PK – dressed in yellow short,  transistor slung across, briefcase in hand – strides across the bridge  towards the unsuspecting beggar. He abstracts some notes from the  waiting begging bowl and then some more, as co-star Anushka Sharma’s  voice over says, “Kehta tha, sheher ke har bridge par hote hain ATM. Jitney paise chahiye, nikaal lo” – he used to say that there is an ATM on every bridge, take out as much money as you need.

People now know him, after all he was selected among 6 other real life beggers who was auditioned for the role (for a reason Aamir Khan is called a perfectionist). His financial condition has improved as well. But, we doubt how long he will sustain financially as the news reporter also said he has a girlfriend 😛

featured image : hindustantimes.com