15 Dirty Tricks Played By Advertisers To Make Your Food Look Tempting On TV

Mashed potatoes instead of ice cream

dirty tricks  Ice cream melts too quickly under hot studio lights. Therefore, photographers replace it with colored mashed potatoes or a paste of starch, icing sugar, corn syrup, fat, and other components.

Shaving cream instead of whipped cream

dirty tricks  Unlike whipped cream, shaving cream doesn’t melt and this is exactly what photographers need. They just need to keep reminding the actors that the “dessert” isn’t real.

Plastic ice cubes

dirty tricks  Ice melts very quickly under lighting equipment, so photographers use plastic cubes in soft drinks. By the way, you can freeze the cubes and use them in real life.

Glue instead of milk

dirty tricks  Cereal quickly soaks in milk and sinks to the bottom. If you want to photograph it, replace the milk with white glue. The cereal will remain on the surface and keep its original form.

Sparkling drinks with antacids

dirty tricks  Bubbles of carbon dioxide in soft drinks disappear quickly. Therefore, photographers add heartburn antacids. The mixing of sparkling water and antacids causes a chemical reaction of neutralization, and bubbles reappear.

Chicken is stuffed with paper towel

dirty tricks  Chicken in advertising is never cooked on the grill. It is subjected to a minimal heat treatment and then painted. To add volume, photographers stuff it with paper towels and sew it.

Sauces are prepared with wax

dirty tricks  To create the perfect consistency, photographers add melted wax of different colors into sauces.

Artificial Steam

dirty tricks  Steaming food in advertising look so appetizing. In truth, it isn’t ever hot.