15 Dirty Tricks Played By Advertisers To Make Your Food Look Tempting On TV

A deodorant makes fruit shiny

dirty tricks

Fruit always shines in advertising. No special tools are required — only a deodorant spray to add shine to fruit. Some food stylists also use hairspray.

    Engine oil instead of maple syrup

dirty tricks Pankcakes absorbs real syrup too quickly to photograph. So photographers replace it with engine oil. Another trick is to cover pancakes with water-repellent spray that creates a protective layer.

       Burger patties are colored with shoe polish

dirty tricks

Burger patties are almost raw in advertising and are roasted for a few seconds to stay large and juicy. Photographers color them with shoe polish and create grill marks with hot skewers.

Glycerin keeps seafood looking fresh

dirty tricks  Seafood loses its presentation very quickly. To keep it looking fresh and juicy. Photographers treat it with a mixture of water and glycerol.

Glucose syrup for Chinese noodles

dirty tricks  It takes a few minute to cook noodles, but they dry quickly. So advertisers coat the dish with glucose syrup (commonly used for desserts).

Cardboard inside the cake

dirty tricks  To keep cake dry, photographers interlay them with cardboard and fasten them with toothpicks. They use the same trick in sandwich and burger advertising.

Liquid soap creates foam

dirty tricks  To take a picture of milk, coffee, or beer. Photographers add liquid soap. It creates a stable foam that looks natural and attractive.

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