10 Times Taher Shah’s ANGEL Was Mocked By The Audiences Brilliantly On Twitter

Pakistani Pop Sensation, Taher Shah who began his career in singing with his Mega blockbuster debut song “EYE TO EYE” in 2013.

Taher Shah On Twitter Reactions Angel

His official website talks about his achievements out of which “EYE TO EYE” was his biggest hut. The website says, “EYE TO EYE” which was a big instant hit worldwide and most popular viral song of Year 2013. Shah also released two different versions of his song Urdu version as “ANKHON HEE ANKHON MEI” and DANCE MIX of “EYE TO EYE” along with its instrumental as the original song and all versions received so much popularity in social media his Charisma in the enormous success of his song “EYE TO EYE” will remain forever as his song get 4 Million popular hits till yet worldwide and received achievement award, wins prestige music award with three major world records title and GOLD MEDAL from well reputed organizations of UK, USA, CANADA and INDIA.

Taher Shah is back again with his new release “ANGEL” The Pakistani fans were excited for this most awaited release and the reviews are quite phenomenal. He is taking his audiences to heaven, through a hell.


After the release, the internet went viral for his video and the ANGEL has been mocked down brilliantly on twitter. Click next to read the most funniest reaction of audiences on twitter 😀 😀 😀