Ten Lesser Known Facts About Harry Houdini

Most of you must be wondering who on earth is Harry Houdini ? Well today is your lucky day to get familier with this amazingly timeless personality. Harry Houdini was born as Ehrich Weisz in Budapest Austria -Hungary on March 24 ,1874 but later on he changed his name to Harry Houdini after being inspired by French Magician Robert Houdin.

Harry Houdini is considered to be one of the greatest escape artist, illusionist and stunt performer of all times, he gained popularity particularly from his escape acts from prisons all over the world.

Here are 10 less-known facts about this magical artist.

    1. His early life wasn’t much enthralling. He used to sell newspapers and worked as a cobbler just to make a living as he was born in a very poor immigrant family.


    1. He wasn’t an American citizen as being claimed by him. It is believed his family was Hungarian immigrant who moved to America.


Facts About Harry Houdini

“Houdini and Jennie, the elephant, performing at the Hippodrome, New York.” 1918 (source)


  • He was also addressed as “Prince of the air”, “Eric the great” and “King of the cards”.


  • He first performed his art merely at the age of 9, by tricking people by picking up pins with his eyelashes while hanging upside down.


  • He even fooled Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes) into believing that he could communicate with the dead.


Facts About Harry Houdini

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  • Mirror challenge – In 1904 the London daily mirror newspaper challenged Houdini to escape from special handcuffs which a Cocksmith from Birmingham took 5 years to make. Houdini successfully completed this challenge and this changed his life forever.


  • He was the man behind the “Milk can escape trick” which became immensely popular.


Facts About Harry Houdini

“Harry Houdini performs the great milk can escape.” 1908 (source)


  • “Under water burial” was another dangerous trick introduced by harry which in his words was “the greatest feat he ever attempted


  • The most sensational trick he ever performed was when he made a 10,000 pound elephant named Jennie disappear in front of thousands with just a fired from a pistol.


Facts About Harry Houdini

The gravesite of Harry Houdini


  • His death just like him remains a mystery. Some believed he died by a punch in his abdomen which ruptured his appendix, others say he was already suffering from appendicitis and died after the operation while some say he was murdered, no one knows the truth till date.